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I have been showing Chihuahua's since 2000. Besides toys, I have also shown sporting breeds. I have a very small kennel and I only do occasional breedings when the dog/bitch exhibit qualities I would like to continue with. This is a hobby of mine that I would like my twin daughters to enjoy as they get older.

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Well Bred AKC Registered

Long and Smooth Coat 



Show and Pet Quality


We live on a total of 2 acres. One acre is for the chickens and turkeys - love the fresh eggs! The other acre has our house and the dog's house. They have thier own A/C and Heater along with a water heater for nice warm baths! We have 4 outside rescued cats along with a "micro-mini Juliette" Pig named BACON and a Nigerian Dwarf goat named HEIDI. All of my pets are socialized together, along with the help of my twins of course! The pig and goat came to us as rescue's - since we live outside the city limits - people in the city try to keep the exotics to be told by Animal Control they must get rid of them. My husband is a 24 year veteran with the police department- animal control calls with those unusual cases! More than once he come home with a rooster!


Corpus Christi, Texas

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